Rotary Tripod

Product Description
The TRP01 Rotary Tripod raises the Bird and Wildlife Deterrent sound bomb 150 cm above the ground. Thanks to its 360-degree rotating body, with each blast, the barrel of the bird deterrent rotates 10 degrees counterclockwise and the explosion occurs in a different direction of the terrain. It is important to regularly change the position of the bird deterrent to increase its effectiveness. As the rotary tripod changes the direction of the barrel with each blast, there is no need to change the location of the device.
Product Features
Thanks to its special design, TRP01 is compatible with Alanko Bird and Wild Animal Cannon MS6 and PRO 2 models.
Thanks to its 360-degree rotation feature, it allows the Bird and Wild Animal cannon to act on different points in the area.
Bird and Wildlife Cannon raises the device 150 cm above the ground
There is a solar panel connection point on the tripod for the PRO3 model.
Metal parts are galvanized and electrostatically painted.
It is easy to install and use.
It is delivered disassembled in a cardboard box.

Usage Areas
Rotary Tripod
Origin Turkey
Packing 1 Product in a Cardboard Box
Box Size 20 cm x 82 cm x 17 cm
Weight 4,650 Gr
Pallet 60 pc
Pallet Size 80 cm x 120 cm x 200 cm
Pallet Weight
294 Kg.

Nature Friendly
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Illustrations : PDF
Manual : PDF
TRP01 Unboxing and Product Installation. : PDF