Product Description
Our TMR1 model is designed to allow the gas passage and explosion of the bird and wildlife repeller MS6 at certain time intervals. It provides great convenience to users with its specially designed waterproof box and components.
Product Features
TMR1-Timer is compatible with MS6 model thanks to its special design.
For the MS6 model, there is a connection point on both the gas tank and the sound bomb. It can be installed easily.
It has TMR1 waterproof box for outdoor use. Metal parts are galvanized.
With its portable design, it is very easy to set up and use.
No power source is required for it to work. It works with 1 piece of 1.5 V AA battery.
Cardboard box is delivered.
Usage Areas
The bird and wildlife scarer is used with the MS6 model to make the MS6 work at certain time intervals.
Origin Türkiye
Packing 1 Ürün, 1 Karton kutu içine
Box Size  9 cm x 17 cm x 7 cm
Weight 425
Box 30 pc.
Box Size 18 cm x 61 cm x 45 cm
Box Weight 13 Kg.

Nature Friendly
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