Frequently Asked Questions

Alanko Bird Scarer Cannon; It protects your fruit and vegetable gardens from various birds and wild animals and ensures you get high yield crops. With its robust structure, it is suitable for all terrain and weather conditions. It pays for itself in a very short time with its affordable price and quality structure.

Our products has a Europen Standarts CE certitificate.Long Life usage.

Our products are environmentally friendly. It only frightens living creatures by producing loud sound. It does absolutely no harm to any living creature, it is non-toxic.

Yes. There is a manual next to the product. You can also watch the installation video on our website and youtube channel.

All Alanko Teknoloji products are guaranteed for one year.

Since our MS6 model only works with gas pressure, changes in ambient conditions affect the explosion time.

The solar panel guides to eliminate the problem of charging the battery in the PRO2 model and to be environmentally friendly.

Tripod and solar panel are sold separately from the product.

No. MS6 is a mechanical model that works entirely with gas pressure. It does not require any power source for its operation.

Yes. We are waiting for enthusiastic and enterprising investors so that the economy and quality advantages of our products reach more people. For more details, you can contact us at or +90(532) 494 27 52