Electronic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon

Product Description
ALANKO Electronic Bird and Wildlife Scare Propane Cannon PRO3 is an electronic device that operates with any LPG cylinder up to 20 bar, producing sound in the range of 117 dB-125 dB by performing single or quadruple shots in desired numbers and time intervals from 2 minutes to 60 minutes. It runs on a 12-volt battery. ALANKO Electronic Bird and Wildlife Cannon PRO3 offers users a wide range of different usage options with its extensive interface, setting it apart from other devices. With its wide coverage area, it keeps birds and wildlife away from unwanted areas, ensuring high-efficiency crop yields. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm any living creatures.
Product Features
It can be used with any LPG tube up to 20 Bar. (Apparatus should be requested for small tube.)
It operates with a 12-volt battery, and there is one battery (CR1220) in the circuit.
PRO3 has a 16x2 LCD Screen. On the main screen, the clock, the time interval of the blasting, the number of blasting and the time to the blasting are displayed.
The blast time interval can be adjusted between 2 minutes and 60 minutes.
PRO3 fires from 1 to 4 consecutive blast at the desired number of times.
It offers the feature of working in 2 different time intervals desired.
It produces sound in the average range of 117 dB – 135 dB.
The device has a counter that shows how many times it blasted.
It performs an average of 17000 blast with a 12 kg LPG Cylinder.
It offers 4 different auto-blasting settings as shortcuts that can be used the most.
It is effective on an average 5000 m² area. The terrain may vary depending on the roughness, height and trees.
Metal parts are galvanized and electrostatically painted.
It is easy to install and use.
It is delivered in a cardboard box.
It is nature friendly and does not harm plants and animals.
Usage Areas
  • In fruit and vegetable gardens, against birds , bears and hogs.
  • Against birds that are creating threat during the landing and taking off of the airplanes in airports,
  • Against birds in breeding farms of poultry, fish farms,vineyards  etc. in  factories and depots.
  • Against bears that harm bee hives. 
You can find all the detailed information and video explanations you want to learn about the ALANKO Bird and Wild Animal Repellent Device PRO3 in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Electronic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon
Origin Turkey
Packing 1 Product in a Cardboard Box
Box Size 16 cm x 61 cm x 27 cm
Weight 7,600 Gr
Pallet 60 pc
Pallet Size 80 cm x 120 cm x 200 cm
Pallet Weight
470 Kg.

Nature Friendly
Support After Sale
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