Solar Panel

Product Description
Our SP01 model, which we use a 12W Mono Crystal Solar panel, is designed to charge the 12 volt 7 amp battery needed by the bird and wild animal cannon PRO3. In addition, battery lighting, etc. charged with solar panel. can be used for needs. Monocrystalline panel was chosen because it provides high efficiency in low radiation.
Product Features
SP1 Solar Panel is compatible with PRO3 model thanks to its special design.
There is a solar panel connection point on the tripod for the PRO3 model. It can be installed easily.
Solar panel for outdoor use has aluminum frame, metal parts are galvanized.
With its portable design, it is very easy to set up and use.
Plug and Play cables provide fast assembly.
Supports 3 types of 12V batteries: lithium batteries, lead acid batteries, gel batteries (not compatible with 24V batteries).
It is eco-friendly and environmentally friendly
Cardboard box is delivered.
Usage Areas
It is used in areas that receive sun all day long to generate electricity for the battery of the bird and wildlife cannon Pro3.
Solar Panel
Origin Türkiye
Packing 1 Product in a Cardboard Box 
Box Size 20 cm x 82 cm x 18 cm
Weight 2,400 Gr
Palet 60 Adet
Pallet Size 80 cm x 120 cm x 200 cm
Pallet Weight 160 kg.
Maximum Power 12W
Power Tolerance  0 to %5W
Panel Dimension 355 x 255 x 20 mm 

Nature Friendly
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