Bird & Wildlife
Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon
Bird and Wildlife Scare Propane Cannon MS6; It is a Mechanical sound bomb that produces sound in the range of 117dB -125dB using LPG and Propane gas. This sound drives away unwanted animals from the area. The bird scare cannon MS6 works with a standard 12kg propane gas cylender.
Mechanic Bird Scare Cannon
Electronic Bird and Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon
PRO3 is the most functional Electronic bird scare cannon with its simplified and useful interface and unique design. It works with any LPG cylinder up to 20 Bar and 12 Volt battery. It produces sound in the range of 117dB - 125 dB and has an average area of ​​​​5000 m².
Solar Panel
SP1-Solar Panel is specially designed to charge the battery of Electronic bird and wildlife cannon PRO3. Thanks to Solar Panel SP1, the need for users to charge the PRO3 battery is eliminated and provides a great ease of use.
 Solar Panel
Rotary Tripod
TRP01 has been specially designed by Alanko Technology to increase the impact area of ​​Bird and Wild Animal Cannon MS6 and PRO3 models. TRP01 is compatible with Alanko MS6 and PRO 2 models thanks to its specially designed body. Thanks to its 360-degree rotation feature, it enables Bird and Wild Animal cannons to affect different points in the area.
The TMR1-Timer is specially designed for controlling the operation of the Mechanical bird and wildlife scarer cannon MS6 at certain time intervals. Thanks to the TMR1-Timer, the need for a large power supply is eliminated for the MS6 to operate at certain time intervals and provides a great ease of use.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the advantages of Alanko Bird and Wild Animal Cannon ?
Alanko Bird Scarer Cannon; It protects your fruit and vegetable gardens from various birds and wild animals and ensures you get high yield crops. With its robust structure, it is suitable for all terrain and weather conditions. It pays for itself in a very short time with its affordable price and quality structure.
What is the quality standard of your products?
Our products has a Europen Standarts CE certitificate.Long Life usage.
About Us

ALANKO Technology Products was established to produce the most affordable and best quality bird and wild animal scarer Cannon device in line with the needs of the consumer. Our company produces products certified in EU standards with many domestic and international partners in the agricultural sector. It is a world-known brand in the bird and wild animal repellent industry.